What is Anticipate?

Anticipate is a sports prediction platform, where users can predict the score of live sports matches, challenge friends, work colleagues or just regular online users for free, take on the world in competitions starting from $1 to whatever you like, its completely up to you the user.


How does this work? Well competitions are basically private or public ladders where you can challenge other users via personal invite or online matchmaking. Competitions are typically run in rounds instead of an entire season of football for example.

The level of customisation is up to the user, for example you could create a competition with 10 of your friends, set the entry fee to free and just compete to see who is the best predictor. On the other hand you could invite 5 of your friends and set a minimum entry fee of $10.

When a competition is made based on an entry fee the money is pooled together to create a prize pool for the winner and some of the runners up (dependent upon the number that entered) of that competition.

How Much?

Nothing, nada, zilch! Anticipate will be free for all users to use on an ongoing basis, its inevitably up to the user to decide, and thats how we like it.


I Initially encountered the problem a few years ago at one of my first jobs, one of the mangers who was an avid sports fan thought while the world cup was on we could all compete in a competition to predict the scores and results of the football matches to win an iPad, we looked hours for a platform that was good enough for sports fans to enjoy but easy enough for the average joe to pick up and join in the fun.

The platforms for this type of competition were completely outdated, forgotten about products of sports and betting websites alike.

Next Steps?

So you maybe asking where Anticipate is heading in the near future, well our current focus at the moment is to build a minimum viable product (MVP) as soon as we can. A quick recap of our current aims are below:-

  • Building an MVP
  • Building a Landing Page for users to register their interest
  • Testing the Market with our MVP
  • User Event Tracking
  • Engaging with our users for qualitative feedback.

At the rate we're building Anticipate we will plenty of weekly news and updates, so be sure to check in once in a while.